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So I haven't actually existed for a while, I'm rather aware of that. I lost my interest in simming / lost 80% of my downloads (including projects) / just haven't had time. Very, very slowly I have been regathering my downloads (which is actually sort of fun) and my desire to sim again has been building.

I've signed up for "Christmas in July" and have been working on a number of object projects for a sim I've been working on. I've also completed a request over @ GOS. It's just nine simple hue colours of the 'Munak Dress'. The sim sporting a Pooklet'd hair (the very orange one with a fringe), is a hair that I've found and am retexturing as well.

I'm also considering starting a new simspage. I have no idea why I want to, just for some reason I want something brand new /:

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UPDATED: Modified mesh included (Scalp blends better etc, pictures are taken with outdated mesh).

I'm Always Wishing Too Late; )
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I do not know if this is helpful to anyone but you can download 2NE1's "First mini album" here. Not uploaded by me, just something I discovered floating around. I'd suggest checking out "Asian Reloaded" to download music by other Asian bands (they seem to have Kpop, Krock, Jpop & Jrock).

'Cause I'm Getting Mine; )
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Just a quick note, I've made some retextures of a MTsims "wig" available [ Pooklet's natural colours + white] here. I'll be uploading them here properly when I get a chance. They take the form of long hair extensions that start at the ears and run over the sim's chest. Mesh included [ + renamed so you actually know what it is ]. There's a picture in that post as well (:

In other news, I got my university offer [for sport science] and have accepted it, so I'm officially going to university! I do however, have all intention of changing it to Policing in the next round of offers [ early Feb! ].

Also, 18th tonight. THEME: Childhood cartoons. I've decided to attend as the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland. Although when you get right down to it there isn't a huge amount of similarity between mine & any of the costumes, but I'm sure it's enough to imply I'm the Mad Hatter. Really, I just wanted to wear a giant top hat. A friend suggested to carry around teacups which I thought was a nice touch. I'll be drinking out of them all night (:
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SECRET SANTA TIME! I got some amazing recolours by unicorngurl180. My favourite has got to be these outfit recolours:

There is also ALOT of painting recolours, a few table side portraits & birdhouse recolours.

Ahhh, dress meshes are included, however you must download this one here as well [ AF Working Women meshes by Tig]. Paintings included require the "On their toes" from FT, portraits on the side are from H&M, birdhouses are from seasons.


Download Here.
(Thank you Hat!)

AND I'm not dead really. I brought a PS3 just before new years and have been gaming my little fingers off. I'm being very careful not to cap my internet again. I love my internet, do not want it to be slow ):
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I'm not actually dead, I promise... well, maybe I'm a little bit dead, but that's besides the point.

Moving on to something more relative, Merry Christmas or "Happy Festivus" whatever you would like to call it. I've been busy with relatives etc, hence my seemingly deadness.

As for Secret Santa at GOS, rome_raven has posted the gifts I have given them here. I'll probably post them up here sometime when I get the chance. My Secret Santa was unicorngurl180 and her present was amazing [ medieval dress recolours, bird house recolours, medieval sim pictures etc ]. I am definitly going to share, because it is so insanely awesome, although I'm gonna have a little play myself first and take some pictures to send to my wonder SS (: Then I will post my own little pictures and the download link here. Happy, happy, happy.

In non christmas / sim related mood, Avatar and Zombieland were very enjoyable. Yes, I totally kept my Avatar 3D glasses. Now I'm off to go play with my new camera!


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