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I would really like to enter the competition on GOS ( I even have a Sim to use + a skin + a background story ) but I just really don't feel like loading the game etc, hence the current lack of updates. To encourage myself I made a few posters that I hope to use in my lot. While I've ran them through SimPE, that was a while ago and I can't actually remember which ones I used + I need to check them ingame of course. I should upload them, plus a few other small things soon. Pictures used are below.

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I was a bit bored and decided to keep playing around in bodyshop after I finished a skin edit (just added two really simple tattoo's so that I can use it in a contest at GOS) so I decided to play around with some Maxis Sims. The above is the first Maxis Sim that I took under my wing - after and before shot (no idea why I put them in that order, silly me). I'm actually really happy with how she turned out. The idea was to keep the same sort of structure / features as the original, however I don't think I did that too well. I did keep those lines around her nose / mouth though. Now that I've made her, I've got to think of a backstory for her before I can play her. She looks quite stern, perhaps she can be a matron or the owner of some form of establishment.

In other news, I'm really quite fond of Peridox's Half-Life 2 Project. The Sims / bodyshop content are not of much interest to men (not my gaming style etc) but I really am enjoying their wall / floors uploads.

Also for some reason unknown to me, I have discovered I enjoy making lists of things - especially Sims 2 content. This is probably going to sound weird, but sometimes I enjoy seeing new content uploaded more then I enjoy downloading it and playing with it in my game. 
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Just a quick note, I recently remembered I have a deviantART laying around. It's been dormant for a while, although it does have some old sim pictures on there, along with a few real life photographs and a D-Grayman Exorcist Cross that I made a while ago. I'd really appreciate it, that if you have DA if you drop me a line or that, whether it's to have a look at what I've uploaded or whore your own stuff on my page (which is fine by me, dw). I'm interested in uploading more things, and working my way around the place there. So yeah, I'd like to check out anything you've done. If you missed the link before, here it is.

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Dear Katie,
Sincerely yours,

My Cat Just Walked Behind Me & Scared The Bajebus Out Of Me; )
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First cut is not sims related, rather tells the heart wrenching story of a young child struggling to make her career as a writer - or at least, it involves laughing at a young child's imagination. Second cut is some rambling about neighbourhood fodder in the sims 2.

Childhood Stories; )