Mar. 23rd, 2010

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I was a bit bored and decided to keep playing around in bodyshop after I finished a skin edit (just added two really simple tattoo's so that I can use it in a contest at GOS) so I decided to play around with some Maxis Sims. The above is the first Maxis Sim that I took under my wing - after and before shot (no idea why I put them in that order, silly me). I'm actually really happy with how she turned out. The idea was to keep the same sort of structure / features as the original, however I don't think I did that too well. I did keep those lines around her nose / mouth though. Now that I've made her, I've got to think of a backstory for her before I can play her. She looks quite stern, perhaps she can be a matron or the owner of some form of establishment.

In other news, I'm really quite fond of Peridox's Half-Life 2 Project. The Sims / bodyshop content are not of much interest to men (not my gaming style etc) but I really am enjoying their wall / floors uploads.

Also for some reason unknown to me, I have discovered I enjoy making lists of things - especially Sims 2 content. This is probably going to sound weird, but sometimes I enjoy seeing new content uploaded more then I enjoy downloading it and playing with it in my game. 


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