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So I haven't actually existed for a while, I'm rather aware of that. I lost my interest in simming / lost 80% of my downloads (including projects) / just haven't had time. Very, very slowly I have been regathering my downloads (which is actually sort of fun) and my desire to sim again has been building.

I've signed up for "Christmas in July" and have been working on a number of object projects for a sim I've been working on. I've also completed a request over @ GOS. It's just nine simple hue colours of the 'Munak Dress'. The sim sporting a Pooklet'd hair (the very orange one with a fringe), is a hair that I've found and am retexturing as well.

I'm also considering starting a new simspage. I have no idea why I want to, just for some reason I want something brand new /:

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