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Just a quick note, I recently remembered I have a deviantART laying around. It's been dormant for a while, although it does have some old sim pictures on there, along with a few real life photographs and a D-Grayman Exorcist Cross that I made a while ago. I'd really appreciate it, that if you have DA if you drop me a line or that, whether it's to have a look at what I've uploaded or whore your own stuff on my page (which is fine by me, dw). I'm interested in uploading more things, and working my way around the place there. So yeah, I'd like to check out anything you've done. If you missed the link before, here it is.

Firstly, I've been working on a few sign recolours of this mesh from Natural Sims. There is suppose to be nine recolours, however only eight are showing up in game at the moment, so I must have missed something. Most of them are for tavern like places [ eg. there's a classy one with the writing "Buxom Wench Tavern" ] because I've finally decided to settle down into creating the city that most of my writing takes place in. I'm also thinking about recolouring a signboard that was recently uploaded on MTS2 with matching recolours as well. On another note, the background that the sign is in, is not an actually lot. I just wanted something to quickly pop the sign in front of.

This here, is 'Glory O'Hara', a determined little farmer's daughter sent to make her way in the big bad city, and find herself a wealthy husband due to her parent's desire to 'rise' up in the world. She's not doing very well at it at the moment for she would rather spend her time exploring the city, and tending her small vegetable (when I say vegetable, I mean there's only tomato's growing) garden.


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