Jan. 3rd, 2010

kunoichikatie: http://aimznemesis.livejournal.com/ (Tekken_Hwoarang)
SECRET SANTA TIME! I got some amazing recolours by unicorngurl180. My favourite has got to be these outfit recolours:

There is also ALOT of painting recolours, a few table side portraits & birdhouse recolours.

Ahhh, dress meshes are included, however you must download this one here as well [ AF Working Women meshes by Tig]. Paintings included require the "On their toes" from FT, portraits on the side are from H&M, birdhouses are from seasons.


Download Here.
(Thank you Hat!)

AND I'm not dead really. I brought a PS3 just before new years and have been gaming my little fingers off. I'm being very careful not to cap my internet again. I love my internet, do not want it to be slow ):