Jan. 18th, 2010

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Your life could use improving greatly. I just wanted to know what's going on, but everything that goes is going wrong.

If anyone has noticed that updates seem to be getting further & further apart lately, it's because January is a very busy month for me [ & this year promises to be a very busy year ]. I've still got two 18th's to go, possibly a third, Australia day celebrations [ a good ol' BBQ with my mates of course! ], my sister's birthday, a job to find and university offers to receive. Therefore simming isn't exactly the first thing on my mind. Not to mention, I'm still prone to bouts of "My life sucks" after my relationship of two years crashed & burnt into nothingness late last year [ although, I am very much aware that my life really doesn't suck, I'm pretty damn well off, I just like to wallow in self pity ] and fending off a 15 year old boy who claims to have a major crush on me [ family friend of a friend, met at their house, added me on facebook ] and compliments my "awesome side fringe" whenever he talks to me. Thankfully, I think he's given up mostly however every so often he decides to have one more crack at me. I don't have the heart to tell him to GTFO, so I just act blatantly uninterested and pretend I don't realise he's trying to hit on me.

sweetles... anyway i here you like pokemon ay
Katherine: Pokemon is pretty friggen awesome.
___: hell yeah...whats ur favorite pokemon
Katherine: Ahh, I don't know if I could choose.
___: lol there all cute just like you babe
Not really. Onyx isn't cute, neither is magickarp.
Lol..... true true.... neither is mew lol but as long as ur still sexy hot n have a side fringe... then it's all good babe.
Ahh, right.
lol yeah.... anyway.... one day do you reckon i can like play with ur hair and style it and stuff like that lol dont worry i wont mess it up ok gergeous  
 It just about killed me to copy paste that without editing any of his spelling and what not. Not gonna post name or anything of the like, because I'd feel to bad for the kid. But I have to admit, it does give me the giggles. It makes me wish I had kept the conversation with some random kid on an old MSN account who flew into a rage because I didn't want to see a picture of him which according to him obviously meant that I was ugly and hideous etc.

Working on a piece of writing at the moment, it follows two brothers Nashton & Jasper Bones. I'd like to sim them, so you might get spammed with photo's of -

AND, there is a postman on my driveway receiving first aid. I must go and investigate this D: - waddles off - Errr, Ok, he has been knocked by a car. Although it seems he's just got a few grazes etc, mother & neighbours are dealing with him.

- them. They're guards dealing with a medieval / fantasy crime ridden city. I am currently refurnishing my downloads folder [ YES! AGAIN ! ] to suit the needs of the city.

Over & out!

EDIT: In regards to Mr.Postman, apparently he was riding his bike along and since it's really, really windy here a huge gust of wind blew sticks etc into his face. He lost his concentration and came off his bike however his leg got stuck between the bike stand and something and cut up his leg a bit + bruised his ribs + a few grazes etc. Went into shock and that. Ambulance came and took him away now though, so he'll be alright. The car was more dramatic s:

I forgot, Tae Kwon Do starts up again tonight (: