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So yeah, I had a weird dream the other night. It involved a post I read at GOS that somewhat annoyed me (the fact is featured in my dream suggests it annoyed me a lot more then I realised!). The post in question was this, OK, so it's nothing major or really drama worthy I know. But still... it was in my dream for crying out loud. Anyway in said dream this was the description for a contest and all the GOSlings were jumping on it ranting about what an amazing idea it was and how they couldn't wait to have a try. Yeah, Ok, I'm a little weird (I promise not as weird as I seem though!).

Haha, annnnnnnnnyway! I finished AC2 today on the PS3 (although I've only got 91% for my trophy collection in it, need to start cramming!) and was thinking about how much I'd love to see some of it in the Sims. I thought these were pretty sweet (maybe I should do some recolours ?) and of course Daislia's weapon pack.

EDIT: Now I've found a new set by Daislia (here) and it is pretty damn amazing! Outfits, weapons, hood etc. It's wonderful.

Oh & behind the cut is a "I see what you did there" (/not very flattering) picture of me and my cat because he makes brilliant faces.

Yeah, wasn't kidding when I said it wasn't flattering, but I love the face my cat is pulling so up it goes! Just to keep things all together and if for some reason you're curious here are some photos that I've posted at GOS / other forums in the last few months ( here | here | here ) that are suppose to be at least somewhat flattering (just so you know that I don't always look so dorky xD).

P.S Yes, they are hammocks under my eyes!


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