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- Inserts obligatory cliche welcoming message -

OK, seriously now, thank you for visiting my dreamwidth! I'm generally well-behaved so no need to worry about getting mauled while you venture into the black abyss that is my corner of the interwebs.

Policy (in a nutshell, credit & no paysites), credits, helpful tutorials & somewhat of a resource list is located behind the cut. If you need to contact me then you may either leave a comment here (anon commenting is enabled) or PM me at GOS or MTS2 (username for both: KunoichiKatie). You're welcome to friend / comment / advise / question etc anything I post here, infact I encourage you too as it makes me feel like a special snowflake.

Do not claim anything of mine as your own, no matter how little it seems. A little credit goes a long way, so please provide it.
O2. No paysites (or anything remotely resembling a paysite), EVER. No exchange please either. This includes TSR (as yes, it does offer things for pay!) and anything that offers special gifts for donations etc (including XM).
O3. You may edit / cut / pollinate / dance with / stomp on / correct / etc my work and redistribute it (keeping with my policy). You do not need to seek special permission, however please provide credit.
O4. You may include my meshes/recolours providing you give credit and it keeps with the rest of my policy (No paysites!).

When in doubt, ask me. I cannot stress that enough. Also I'd love to see anything you come up with using anything of mine (even if it's just a photoshoot using my clothes) so please drop me a line.

WCIF / Request.
If you have a request or WCIF, please think it through first. For WCIF, please first have a look at GOS. Most of my content either comes from there, or the personal sites of their members. If you are after junk or clutter then check out the giant list there. Another good bet to look at is MTS2, where I get some of the basic things from. After that, simply comment on the post with the item you wish to find and I will do my best to remember where I got it from. In regards to requests, ask yourself whether I have the ability to fulfill that request. For example, there is no brand new meshes made from scratch on my site, so you may assume that I am not capable of doing that (in which you would be correct in that assumption). Make sure you provide enough detail for me to work from as well.

A list may be found here (no where near complete yet).


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